With a goal of assisting our local restaurants to stay in business during this pandemic and to provide food for those in need, the Share A Meal program is designed to make it easy for members of the public to support local restaurants and community groups who distribute food to the homeless and homebound. Simply call one of the restaurants in the program and tell them you want to purchase a gift certificate for the Share A Meal program. Once the restaurant has accumulated sufficient funds in gift certificates, one of the two community groups will be contacted to arrange for delivery of food. 

Participating restaurants are Bob’s Classic West, Bob’s Classic East, Depot Café, Dilly Deli, Dizzy D’s, India House, San Francisco Sourdough Eatery, and Sweetwood BBQ. The community groups are Catholic Charities and Lighthouse Ministries.

If you are a restaurant owner and would like to participate, text Casey Leigh at 808-217-2386.

Dizzy D’s presenting deluxe hamburgers to a representative of Catholic Charities

Bob’s Classic West (Wenatchee): 663-3974

Bob’s Classic East (East Wenatchee): 888-5641

San Francisco Sourdough Eatery (East Wenatchee): 884-7373

Sweetwood BBQ: (Wenatchee): 888-4557

Dilly Deli: (Wenatchee): 888-0064

Dizzy D’s: (Wenatchee): 662-3236

Depot Café: (Wenatchee): 663-4900

India House: (Wenatchee): 888-5334

“Share a Meal has been a great local resource, not only for providing meals for those in need, but also in helping support our restaurants through this time period. Thank you!”

Benj Dew, Sweetwood BBQ

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